What Tutti Wore…

… to kick cancer’s butt. For good.


This is the outfit that says, “Breast cancer, you can go f*ck yourself.”

This shot was taken last Wednesday, when Tutti went with her gorgeous friend Ayse for her final intravenous Herceptin treatment. It marked one year since she was diagnosed with a grade-3 breast cancer (cue two operations, chemo, herceptin and radiotherapy), but she never once let it dull her sparkle, dampen her humour or dial down her ‘look’. Rather, it became her inspiration to be more fun, more fabulous and more outrageous than ever.

To quote a recent interview Tutti gave to Prevention Magazine Australia (in a feature by journalist and author, Gabrielle Tozer)

“My grade-3 breast cancer diagnosis in July last year has been a fascinating process. I’ve found reserves of courage I didn’t know I had. People are petrified of the ‘C’ word, but strangely I’m not; I want to be an icon of courage for those I love.”

And, an icon of style, creativity and craziness, evidently!


3 thoughts on “What Tutti Wore…

  1. Ayse says:

    Ceci Darling – I FINALLY had the chance tonight to sit down and read your brilliant blog and I laughed so hard (especially about our Gorgeous Guru and his Words of Wisdom and Wishful Thinking) that I quite literally snorted out some of my glass of red. It’s a compliment. You rock! And so does your awesome family. I feel SO privileged to have Bennett benefaction in my life.

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