What Tutti (and The Guru) Wore…

… To a wedding.


Who doesn’t love a wedding? The thick, heady fog of romance in the air; the possibility (the inevitability) of drama; the chance to gamble on whether you’ll get the chicken or the beef when the alternate plating comes around; the dancing; the gossiping; the eyeing up of the table decorations while calculating how many mini-vases / candle holders / floral arrangements you can stuff in your handbag and clutch on your way out.

Yet amidst the chaos, and the pilfering and the hysterical stampede to the cupcake buffet, Tutti and the Guru stand calm as a couple of super-cool, silver-haired cucumbers. And every time Tutti looks in the wrong direction, The Guru slips yet another chocolate bon bon into his pocket, to savour later, solo, guilt-free, without fear of being dealt a shellacking.

That is, of course, until Tutti finds the wrappers in his pocket.


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