What Tutti Wore….

… To look after her granddogter


About 6 months ago, Matty finally caved in to my nagging for a little furry friend and we went to the RSPCA to rescue a doggie. For about a year, I’d been brainwashing Matty to let me have a fluffy pooch, that I could possibly dress in a stylish little jacket (the thought of which horrified Matty to his very core).

ANYWAY, upon spending about three hours meeting every fluffy dog the shelter had to offer, (none of whom seemed to like us terribly much) Matty asked (with pleading in his eyes) if we could please, please, pleeeeeaaaaaaassssseeeee have a look at something slightly bigger.

Our RSPCA volunteer had one suggestion and one suggestion only for our living situation: Tiggy – a 14 month old Staffy X who’d been abandoned and had lived in the shelter for six months already. The second Matty clapped eyes on her adorable friendly face he was sold, and I knew my fluffy dog dreams had just evaporated forever.

Now six months down the track, I couldn’t imagine loving any other doggie more. She is the sweetest, funniest, quirkiest little (or not so little at 20kg) hound – and while she may not be fluffy, her fur is like velvet, impossibly soft, and very chic.


Tutti and the Guru absolutely lovely their Granddogter Tiggy, and regularly step forward for granddoggy duties. This picture was taken on one such day. And Tiggy loves them so much, that I when I tell her she’s going to spend some time with her grandparents, she makes a face like this:


Considering how much fun Tutti and the Guru are, it is hardly surprising that she can barely contain her excitement. Saying that, she makes the same face when I offer her a piece of raw chicken.


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