Different Dimensions

You know how sometimes you have those days where you want to scream ‘Fuuuuuuck Youuuuuuuuuu!’ at the mundanity of life? (No? Just me? That was awkward!)

Well, you will be heartened to know that according to The Guru you are a ‘multi dimensional being’, living an experiential existence wherever you are right now, while other aspects of your personality live in different countries and centuries simultaneously.

AND, as time does not exist, your every thought and action changes everything in the Universe both ‘backwards AND forwards.

Which means, that even if you’re an accountant / recruitment consultant / artist / musician / street sweeper / plumber / electrician etc, on an alternate plane, you’re also a clown / a zebra / royalty / Lady Gaga / Mother Teresa and any or all of the above. Which is quite a comforting thought really. If you stuff up one of your lives, you can rest assured you’re doing perfectly well in another. Brilliant.

Example? The Guru thinks he is A GURU, living in a leafy, suburb of Sydney. But, on another plane of existence he is a Hell’s Angel with a fluffy white bouffant and a heart of cold stone. Don’t be taken in by his feminine appearance and beaming, joyful love-and-light smile. Approach with caution.



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