Christmas Present Inspiration

If there’s one thing I really love, it’s looking at beautiful, interesting things. Especially beautiful, interesting, quirky things that have been made by creative, talented people. So, I was in my element on Wednesday night at the launch of the Etsy pop-up store at 74 Castlereigh Street, Sydney.

I took Tutti with me because she’s always good value at a party and adds a bit of colour to the room – not that this particular room needed it. Think: a perfectly curated exhibition of over 350 one-of-a-kind gifts from 150 clever, crafty Australians who sell their wares via Etsy’s virtual marketplace.

If I had the money, I’d have bought one of everything (and then some) – and hired the brilliant photographers from In An Instant Photography, to follow me everywhere I went with their fabulous, fun-inducing props.

The pop up’s open daily from 8am to 9pm until the 12th December and there are all sorts of fun things happening there from craft demos to creative workshops. For more information, click HERE

Scroll down to see some of my pics from the night.


I want this brooch. Who wouldn’t?


The cuteness. Ridiculous, adorable cuteness. I need these.


I will possibly die if I can’t have this dog ring.


Unicorn wall trophy, anyone? YES PLEASE!


Lovely and clever photographers, who take pictures of you wearing funny props? DEFINITELY.


Tutti looking like a bunny on drugs? Priceless!


Cute little bunny rabbit!





PS. After getting home from the Etsy launch, I fell down something of an Etsy rabbit hole, where I found this AMAZING, TALENTED artist, Nirit Levav from Israel,  who makes dog sculptures out of bike chains. If I ever have a spare $6,250, this is the first thing I’ll buy. OR, if YOU have a spare $6,250, why don’t you do a mitzvah and buy me a present?  After all, isn’t the best gift the gift of giving?


“Tuzy doesn’t mean to offend anyone, he’s just doing what all dogs do when nature calls…He has a somewhat serious expression on his face as if he is tells us: “please do not disturb me now.” His body is made of bicycle chains formed to look almost like lace, adding another dimension of humor to this friendly mutt. A pooping dog – there, we said it!” –Nirit Levav


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