Last post of the year…

Hello lovely people out there!

It’s my last day of work today, and my last blog post for 2013.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate every single pair of eyeballs on this blog (I must add, your eyeballs are looking particularly good today. Have they lost weight?)


Here I am, a little bit younger and a little more coy. If I could look like this at ALL times in 2014 that would be great. Please feel free to follow me around with warm lighting and a Chesterfield to pose in.

I feel so excited about 2014: I’m going to continue churning out blog posts three days a week (ideally) and I’ve also written and illustrated a children’s book which I’d LOVE to see the light of day. I’m counting on 2014 being a year of proactivity and creativity and fun and laughter and I wish the same (and more! SO much more!) for you and yours.

Have a wonderful holiday, look after yourselves and practice self-compassion at all times. I’ll look forward to seeing you back here in the new year.

Til then…

Ceci xx


Best wishes from me and my laser-eyed doggie. Now go and have a WONDERFUL time, wherever you are.


4 thoughts on “Last post of the year…

  1. Mike Collins says:

    Wishing you & your boys a wonderful Christmas & New Year Ceci. Loving your blogs!
    Best wishes to all the lovely Bennett’s.
    Hope to see you all over in the West in 2014!

    Much love from Mike & Ally & 4 kitties xxx

    • Thanks Mike, lots of love back to you, Ally and your numerous felines, from me, Matty and Tiggy! Looking forward to seeing you in the new year (sooner rather than later I hope!) xx

  2. Sandra Penicka says:

    Thanks Cecily for so much warm, witty and poignant entertainment this year. So glad you are planning more treats for us next year. In the meantime have a wonderful break and best wishes for a happy 2014.

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