Typically colourful, crazy

Friday nights in the Bennett household are typically raucous.

Usually it’s just the four of us (Tutti, the Guru, Matty and me) and my sister Fluffy in London, who drops by, via Skype.

Last Friday, Tutti and the Guru hosted nine people, which meant a FEAST! Think: Hummus and babaganoush and pickles (made by my Israeli relatives at Kibbutz Yavne – the best pickle makers in the world) and dolmades and salt-and-pepper fried fish and slow cooked lamb with fresh mint and pomegranate and luscious, vibrant salads, and baked potatoes (Sweet ones! White ones! Blue ones!) that are crispy on the outside and impossibly fluffy on the inside…. then Eton Mess and chocolate torte and before you know it, you’re Mr Creosote, about to eat a ‘waffer-thin mint’ before you spontaneously combust.

Anyway – I was first to arrive, and Tutti and the Guru were looking so colourful that I snapped a few pics of them in the garden. I think the shots speak for themselves.


There’s no denying Tutti knows how to put a good outfit together



The face of beauty at 63. Someone put her in an Olay commercial, stat!



Then it was The Gurus turn. So far, so normal….


Until it all went a little bit wonky


Gd only knows why he isn’t in Vogue magazine yet, or parading down the Paris catwalks


You may be interested to know that my sister Fluffy made the Guru’s beautiful shirt.



No words. Just laughter.


Then I put the two together and…. BOOM!


Not ‘acting their age’ whatever that means.



It’s amazing to think that of all the people in the world, these two funny kids found each other.

It’s like a match made in heaven.

If heaven was all sorts of cray cray.


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