Oh Friday! How I’ve missed you. I want to hold you tight and never let you go.

Dear people who read this blog (i.e. people who have excellent taste in reading material),

I had so many grand plans for today’s post, and then I had such a busy, crazy, hectic week that I thought, “I know! I’ll make life easy for myself and just post a clip of The Guru dancing at a children’s party, instead.” Which is every bit as good as it sounds, believe me. But then I couldn’t get the GDDAMN PIECE OF CRAP video to load properly and I tried about five times, holding my breath each time and willing it to work, until I was so frustrated and my blood pressure was so high that I thought OH FECK IT, I’ll just eat a calorie-laden blueberry bagel with cream cheese instead. Because, you know, they’re delicious.

But because the thought of you leaving here with nothing is HORRIFYING, please enjoy this picture I drew of a llama.


“A weekend getaway, you say? Alpaca my bags!”



Now, go and have a wonderful Friday. Yes, you. Shoo!


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