A Jewish Mother’s Lament

Morning loyal followers (er, hi Mum, hi Dad!)

You may have noticed I gave myself a week-long blog-break last week, mostly because I was HYSTERICAL and beside myself after adopting another staffy (now I’m mother to Tiggy and Sherman – so named because he’s built like a tank).


Sherman and Tiggy, my devil-children.

So, after 48 hours, tearing my hair out and rocking myself in a corner (the settling in period was a liiiiiittle bit tense, but more on that another day) I felt absolutely, hideously exhausted. And now I’m at work and I have work to do, so rather than just leave you with my excuses, I shall leave you with a poem I wrote. An ode to all the Jewish Mothers in the world. Just because. I don’t even have a good segue.

A Jewish Mother’s Lament 
By Cecily-Anna Bennett
“Oy Vey!” She shrieked
“What a shemozzle!
Kneidlach’s boiling,
It’s so hot I’m schvitzing
And then I have shopping
And schlepping
And shmoozing
The house is so shmutzik,
The world full of nudniks,
Though my son is a doctor,
He’ll marry a shiksah
And that’s not a mitzvah
So there’ll be no chuppah
And then no L’chaim
With my own einayim
I see myself dying
They all want to kill me
With stress, and with tsouris,
Don’t care for my heart
And give no reassurance
That they’ll look after me
In old age – what a bother!
But how can I blame them?
I’m only their mother!”

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