Guru Debut

Wondering what the Guru got up to on Saturday night? Well, wonder no more. He only had his DEBUT cafe gig playing violin with two-man blues band Dog On Holiday. Yep, there’s more to the Guru than impossibly fluffy hair and spiritual enlightenment.


Ten points go to the friends and family (and cafe-goers) who cheered on the Guru and made sure the night was an absolute musical triumph. Extra points go to Cafe Zivelli, (the best cafe in Lane Cove) for hosting the gig.


20 points go to the friends and family who partied on at The Longueville Hotel post-gig, until 2am in the morning. (And 30 points, to me, the pregnant designated-driver who had to ferry a car load of drunkards home).


Here’s the Guru posing with Tiggy, post gig. Don’t you love the pretty floral shirt paired with jungle-print jeans?

Zero points to the friends who stayed for two minutes, decided the music was a few decibels too many for their delicate, ageing eardrums, and ate dinner around the corner at the boring local pizzeria. As Matty wisely said, “Well, it’s perfectly quiet in a pine box.” Just remember that, next time you complain that life is too loud.


Floral shirt extreme-close-up




3 thoughts on “Guru Debut

  1. Ayse says:

    Make that a gazillion points to you Ceci, for driving us loud drunkards home! Sooooo not fun being the only sober one. We had a fab night though! Xxxxoooo

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