Moving house in a hurry

I’m not going to lie. Estate agents are not my favourite people (with a few exceptions, like anything in life). But they became even LESS favourite recently when the agent we’re using to rent out our flat (BECAUSE WE’RE MOVING IN WITH TUTTI AND THE GURU FOR A YEAR) only told us the date our tenant was moving in… in his head.

So, just imagine my surprise when I received and email from him on Monday, saying “The tenants are moving in Friday as discussed, so I will need to organise keys/everything on Thursday.”

By ‘as discussed’ I imagine he means as discussed in his imagination, because we had never, to my knowledge, confirmed a date. I may have a bad case of so called Baby Brain, but I’m not stupid. Well, not all the time, at least.

Anyway, to cut a long and tedious story short, I’m working full time but we only had three days to pack up and get out, which meant Matty and Tutti (ever the tireless doer of wonderful deeds) have been packing boxes as if their lives depended on it. I had every intention of finally getting to grips with the drawers full of rubbish before we moved, but in the end, I just shoveled everything into a box with the label ‘random bits of crap’. Today’s the big day, so I thought I’d share a few pictures of our chaos. Wish us luck! xx


Matty having a hard-earned rest.


10 points if you can spot Tiggy


These guys are ready for the move. It will be so much less weird that I have a box full of toys when the baby comes along.


Matty in a sea of cardboard


The side of the box says: Really fucking fragile


Need I say more?


This woman deserves a medal and a million dollars cash prize.


And here’s Tiggy, holding one of the many thank you cards that I wrote after my wedding four and a half years ago, then stashed in a drawer and never sent. I only found them yesterday. Disgraceful!


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