A cautionary tale for parents-of-two

When I was about 6 or 7, I wrote my first book. It didn’t have a huge print run (in fact only one copy was produced) and although the text is about 27 years old, I feel its message is still relevant for parents today. Enjoy.


The Typical Family, Kids & Parents & How the elder & younger kids are treated differently. By Cecily. A. Bennett (Bennett Books)


To my parents who from this book should learn a lesson.


BEFORE: In being the only kid, she gets lots of atention


AFTER: She gets atention when baby is born but not as much


BEFORE: Kid is nice to sister and gives atention but parents mainly watch baby.


AFTER: Parent forget about kid and give attention only to younger.


NOW: Kid may as well be a spirit. She is blamed for everything and gets no atention. Perhaps things will improve when she leaves home. Parents should make their kids feel loved equally. HELL. TORTURE. THE END.


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