On being a lady of (temporary) leisure

This morning, I woke up and thought it was Saturday. It might as well have been. Same as yesterday and the day before. You see, last Friday, I worked my last day at Prevention magazine before going on maternity leave. It was a pretty magical day.

There were desk balloons.


There was home made cake.


There was this incredible picture-perfect specimen of absolute beauty and deliciousness.


There were pink-frosted cupcakes too, made by my friend Bonnie. But before I got a chance to take a photo, I’d shovelled them into my cake-hole with alarming cookie-monster-like ferocity.

There were flowers.


There was this most spectacular leaving card.


And there were beautiful presents, including a scarf from Seed (which is my new favourite thing) and some gorgeous clothes for baby once she comes along.

Anyway. It’s strange, having worked full-time since I was 15, to now find myself facing a small stretch of time doing not-very-much, which will soon be followed by a much longer stretch of time getting to grips with being a mother. At the moment, I’m loving the lazing, and the snoozing, and the coffees out with Tutti and the hanging out with Tiggy. It’s amazing how the days fly by when I’m just moseying around without a timetable or deadline in sight, waiting for that inevitable moment when the baby decides to make her (probably) excruciating exit. (Just give me all the drugs)

But I’m also getting excited about revisiting all my creative passions. I used to make sculptures.

Wire sculptures.


Bread dough sculptures.


I used to draw a lot and play the piano, and I would really love to get my children’s book off the ground.


So the change of pace is going to be very interesting. A chance to see just what I can create next.

Besides the baby.


4 thoughts on “On being a lady of (temporary) leisure

  1. Another lovely blog, thank you. I’m intrigued as to what Tutti will be called when she’s a grandmother? She is so NOT a ‘granny’….I’ve just entered that territory myself and have banned the G word…

    • Thanks Karen. They’re going to be called Omi (Tutti) and Opi (The Guru) – pronounced Oomi and Oopi. This is what my sister and I called our maternal grandparents (who were German / Russian) and we absolutely adored them. So it will be lovely to carry on the tradition. Thanks as always for reading. 🙂

  2. C – my folks are Omi and Opa to my nephews and niece. Chrissie-Crumble (my Mum was ALWAYS going to be Omi). And I remember my Omi so very fondly.

    All the best for your next creative adventure – the biggest to date, I suspect!

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