So… my baby is due today…

… but she’s under strict instructions to continue baking, because Tutti and I are going to the preview screening of Advanced Style, the movie named after both the inspirational blog and subsequent book by Ari Seth Cohen.


I am so excited to see this film, not least because I have so much respect for Ari’s work. In this age where there’s such fixation on youth, it’s so refreshing to see age portrayed in such a fun, vibrant and vital way – which is exactly how it should be.

The platform Ari has given to wonderful women over 60 is nothing short of inspired. After all, you can bet they have more wisdom, style and sass than most women half their age. There’s plenty we could learn about living and loving life from the ladies of Advanced Style.

This is one movie you HAVE to see. In cinemas around Australia from October 2.


8 thoughts on “So… my baby is due today…

  1. Sarah says:

    Enjoy your night 😃 looking forward to hearing about the new arrival. Very exciting! Hope it all goes beautifully for you ❤️

  2. Kathy says:

    I wish you a speedy delivery. No- it probably won’t be painless. But, anything of worth usually takes sacrifice. A small price to pay for a bundle of joy! Good luck!

  3. Mary James says:

    Tutti has to be on CLOUD 9 with the pending arrival of the latest fashionista or fashionisto! Waiting to hear the great news. ENJOY the movie…marvelous that you are going. Why not!!

  4. Hope you enjoyed the wonderful Advanced Style – what role models they are! And do let us know how you are – can’t wait to hear the news of the baby. Mind you I went well over the expected date for my first. Whatever date I trust you have a speedy delivery. All the very, very best xxx

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