So… my baby is due today…

… but she’s under strict instructions to continue baking, because Tutti and I are going to the preview screening of Advanced Style, the movie named after both the inspirational blog and subsequent book by Ari Seth Cohen.


I am so excited to see this film, not least because I have so much respect for Ari’s work. In this age where there’s such fixation on youth, it’s so refreshing to see age portrayed in such a fun, vibrant and vital way – which is exactly how it should be.

The platform Ari has given to wonderful women over 60 is nothing short of inspired. After all, you can bet they have more wisdom, style and sass than most women half their age. There’s plenty we could learn about living and loving life from the ladies of Advanced Style.

This is one movie you HAVE to see. In cinemas around Australia from October 2.


A cautionary tale for parents-of-two

When I was about 6 or 7, I wrote my first book. It didn’t have a huge print run (in fact only one copy was produced) and although the text is about 27 years old, I feel its message is still relevant for parents today. Enjoy.


The Typical Family, Kids & Parents & How the elder & younger kids are treated differently. By Cecily. A. Bennett (Bennett Books)


To my parents who from this book should learn a lesson.


BEFORE: In being the only kid, she gets lots of atention


AFTER: She gets atention when baby is born but not as much


BEFORE: Kid is nice to sister and gives atention but parents mainly watch baby.


AFTER: Parent forget about kid and give attention only to younger.


NOW: Kid may as well be a spirit. She is blamed for everything and gets no atention. Perhaps things will improve when she leaves home. Parents should make their kids feel loved equally. HELL. TORTURE. THE END.