Tutti leads the Colour Parade

On Saturday, Tutti and I decided to go into the city for a little mosey ’round the shops. From the moment we set foot on Pitt Street, it was hard to walk a few metres without people telling Tutti they loved her glasses / her headscarf / her entire ensemble. Sometimes, the gauntlet of admiration can get a tad exhausting (especially for me – I was wearing a fairly standard monochrome skirt / top combo and frizzy hair, meaning Tutti, by comparison, looked even more fabulous, and I, even more shit.)
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Tutti and The Guru get it wrong. Again.

I asked my parents for a ‘baby book’. That in itself is an ambiguous request and one that I clearly didn’t articulate well.

I can still vividly remember what I was hoping for. I must have been about 12, and Tutti’s friends were having babies. One of them had this amazing book about birth. Graphic pictures of foetuses in utero, at different stages of incubation. I was fascinated by these pale pink, beady eyed aliens. Fascinated.

I asked for a baby book.

I wanted this:


From ‘The Facts Of Life’ pop up book by Jonathan Miller and David Pelham


From ‘The Facts Of Life’ pop up book by Jonathan Miller and David Pelham

Instead, I got this:


Yes, it’s ‘Where Did I Come From’ by Peter Mayle, illustrated by Arthur Robins


Not quite what I had in mind. But very educational.