Tutti leads the Colour Parade

On Saturday, Tutti and I decided to go into the city for a little mosey ’round the shops. From the moment we set foot on Pitt Street, it was hard to walk a few metres without people telling Tutti they loved her glasses / her headscarf / her entire ensemble. Sometimes, the gauntlet of admiration can get a tad exhausting (especially for me – I was wearing a fairly standard monochrome skirt / top combo and frizzy hair, meaning Tutti, by comparison, looked even more fabulous, and I, even more shit.)
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What Tutti Wore…

… To ‘just pop in’


A vision in orange and lime.

My husband Matty often (half) jokes that he feels like he’s in an episode of the US sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, because we see my parents so often. He may even have been known, now and then, to do a slow mo run to the door, eyes wild with faux-panic, as he sees them approaching (a la Raymond‘s opening credits). He also refers to Tutti as the Monster-In-Law (but only to her face).

Still, I have no doubts he secretly loves the zany energy, raucous laughter and loveable chaos they bring into our lives. Who wouldn’t want in-laws like Tutti and the Guru. Every time we see them, life is, inevitably, that little bit brighter. Case in point:

Like a rainbow threw up on her. But in a good way.

Whoever could have guessed that bright orange, lime green and a 63-year-old mad-as-a-hatter mother-of-two would make such a fine combination? Throw in a vibrant splash of blue, courtesy of the Guru, and you have the stuff psychedelic dreams are made of.

Tutti and the Guru, conjuring up enough happiness for all of humanity.

Now, the Guru may look like he’s taken the sort of illicit substance that might inspire such profound musings as this:
“Isn’t it possible, considering the multi-dimentional nature of consciousness … that advanced beings visiting our planet and viewing it from an entirely different set of coordinates, simply decided there’s nothing here but dust, just as we may have done on the moon and mars?”
But the truth is, he is 100% high on life.
What a magical existence.