My weekend with Ari Seth Cohen

There’s no denying that social media has helped the world become a whole lot smaller. You can reminisce with strangers, forge virtual, international friendships, connect with anyone no matter how seemingly unattainable or powerful or famous they are.

And so it was, that somehow, I made contact with the inspirational photographer, author and blogger Ari Seth Cohen, whose blog, Advanced Style documents the stylish outfits worn by women over 60, for whom the street is their catwalk.


Tutti, Ari and Me in Paddington. Photo by

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Friday, hooray!

Wishing you all a very happy Friday and a wonderful weekend.

I hope you:

Laugh a lot
Eat something delicious
Pat a little, fluffy dog
See a dolphin
Ride a unicorn
Feel amazing
Win the lottery (at least $500,000)
Have an icecream
Get a compliment from a stranger
Find that pair of shoes you’ve dreamed about in the $10 bargain bin
Stop and smell the roses
Don’t get stung by a bee.


Okay. I think this is my worst post ever. I will try harder next week. Gorgeous picture of Tutti though. And seriously, don’t get stung by a bee. Those little fluffy black and yellow bastards will hurt you! And they won’t apologise, either.